Packing & Storage Tips

storage-tipsSelf-storage units don’t have to be a space you visit once or twice a year to dig something out of a stack of boxes. They can be highly organized, easily accessible spaces that free up necessary space in your home or office. It is best to plan ahead before you start loading up the truck.

Plan What You Will Store

Start by identifying items that will be packed in boxes and stacked. 
Prioritize boxed items you will want to access most frequently (they’ll go closer to the front of the unit). 

Group by fragility or weight – heavier, sturdier items should be stored on the bottom of stacked items, fragile items on top. 

Consider awkwardly-sized items that won’t stack well, including how often you will need to use them, and how heavy they are. 

Choose the Right Size Unit

Nobody wants to pay for storage they don’t need. A little extra space makes moving around within the unit much easier. It also gives you room to add those unplanned items that always seem to pop up.

Our facility manager can help determine the proper size unit for your storage needs. Refer to our Unit Sizes page.